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Current Version:

Devolution 6.0 Download
Devolution 6.01 Hotfix

Bug Fixes:
Removed energy and metal production from flying buildings.
Fixed bug in Core Command Beacon teleporting Commander in sideways.
Fixed bug where shield indicators were showing up to other players for Teleporter units.
Fixed bug where Creep was unable to load some units.

Balance Changes:
Slowed down flying building speed.
Increased energy costs, build time for Flying LGT, Metal Extractor.
Increased armor on Light Gunships.
Increased range on Command Beacons.
Decreased range on D-Gun.
Minor tweak to Zipper script.


Replace the Rev31.gp3 file in your Totala folder with the one in the zip. Make sure to back up the old one so you can switch back.

With both versions, make sure to put totala.ini, and dplayx.dll in your TOTOLA folder.

DO NOT add any other 3rd party units.

The Core Contingency is required to play this mod. Devolution also requires that your resolution be at least 1024x768 in order to play.

Devolution 6.0 Change Log:

Major Changes:
Added personal shields to all Arm land structures.
Added cloaking to all Core land structures.
Removed proximity bonuses from Captains. Improved Captain weapons, lowered costs.
Added upgrade modules.

New Units:
Upgrade Modules.
Flying Metal Extractor.
Flying Light Gauss Tower.
Flying Guardian.
Flying Teleporter.

General Balance:
Increased armor, reduced metal cost for Command Beacons. Removed invulnerability shield when Commander is near.
Increased armor on Hornet and Thorn.
Increased armor on Flea, Weasel, Peewee, Instigator.
Lowered armor on Bear, Hulk, Turtle, Envoy.
Lowered speed on Turtle, Bear.
Lowered weapon damage on LLT, LGT.
Reduced weapon damage on Inferno.
Spies now detect Spies, Commanders, Decoy Commanders, Captains, and detect and deactivate all jamming units. LOS reduced.
Cheating AI buildings are now uncapturable.
Improved missile aiming scripts.
Improved missile ground damage by 20%.
Reduced armor on Roach.
Inferno Damage Modifier Changed from .1 to .25 to be consistent with other armored state units.
Viper Damage Modifier Changed from .3 to .25 to be consistent with other armored state units.

Captain Balance:
Removed proximity bonuses from Captains.
Reallowed Captain resurrection.
Significantly improved weapon damage on for all Captains.
Lowered Captain Gantry and Captain costs.
Removed shield ability from Maverick. Added chaingun as its level 3 upgrade.
Disabled Captain weapons if a player has two Arm or two Core Captains at the same time to prevent sharing exploits in multiplayer games.

Sea Balance:
Reduced armor, weapon damages on Scout Boats.
Reduced metal cost, weapon damages, armor on Gun Boats.
Reduced cost, armor on Escort Frigates. Removed missiles, swapped torpedo with weaker depth charge. Switched to models from Escalation.
Removed Ambassador / Eradicator.
Moved Turtle to Level 1 Vehicle Plant.
Removed amphibious movement class from Raider.

Cosmetic Changes:
New menu screen.
New loading screen.
New Nova model.
New models for Advanced Construction Ships.
Changed Teleporter models to original Galactic Gate models.
Changed Underwater Moho Metal Makers and Moho Mines to Escalation models.
New build picture for Mobile Teleporter.
Minor adjustments to Demon model. Improved walk script. New build picture.
Minor adjustments to Turtle model. Changed script to "deploy" after leaving factory.
Minor adjustments to Avalon model.
Changed Captain and Commander upgrade animations.
Standardized GUI for Spider, Neutron, Stunner.
Standardized GUI for Toaster and Intimidator.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed bug in Searcher aim speed.
Fixed bug with Mobile Teleporter teleporting units on a slope.
Corrected corpse model for Parasite.
Added missing special damages for all new units.
Added missing death scripts to Command Beacons.


New units in TA: Devolution came from many sources. While there are some units that I made on my own, I also drew from some of the best unit makers out there for my source material. Some of the new units may be unrecognizable from where they came from while some haven’t been touched. These are the original unit creators and the units they made that are in Devolution. Some of the groups have been gone for a long time or have no website; in those cases I have linked their units sections on Unit Universe.

Terror Maps and Units: The Core Thorn uses the Core Butterfly model and the Arm Avalon uses Arm Sekasa model

Infusion Designs: Matman from ID created the Arm Hornet.

TA: Cataclysm: TRO pioneered the detection script that makes Captains possible. Also created teleportation scripts similar to what is used for Galactic Gate/Captain Teleporters. The modeled shields found on the beacons and certain other units are also based off of TRO’s work.

TA Arsenal Network: There are Evolva models on too many of the units in the mod to list. As far as new units go, the Core Inferno uses the base of the Evolva Arm Pitbull, and the Dreadnought uses the turret from the Arm Scorpion. The Evolved Commanders also use redone parts from the Evolva Commander models, and the Arm one uses some parts from the Furie. Bits of the new CORSPY are from TAAN’s CORLOOK.

Mayhem Inc: The Arm Nova is originally based on a Mayhem Inc unit.

Merciless Creations/TARAD: The Arm Spotter has been modified from the TARAD version.

Aftermath Design: Made the Core Barracuda. The new model for the Orion uses parts of the Stalker. The rocket launchers on the back of the Evolved Core Commander are from the Gemini.

The Lost Legacy: Both side's Advanced Aircraft Platforms, the Core Submarine Pen, and the Arm Advanced Construction Ship used TLL units as their source. These units have all been retextured and some have had significant model changes. Both sides Sonar Jammers were created from sources included in the TLL files, though I am unsure if they were made by the TLL folks.

Core Prime: The Arm Solar Collector and Light Gauss tower were both made by Core Prime.

Escalation: Wotan has been a great help an inspiration for this mod. I worked on Escalation in-between Devolution 3 and 4, and working with Wotan greatly improved my modding abilities. There are too many ideas borrowed from Escalation to list here.

Überhack: Überhack is the base of this entire mod. There's so much from Überhack in this that it is too difficult to list.

Bugfix: Many of the evolved units use bugfix scripts, as the evolution made some complicated scripts even more complicated, and thus glitchy. Bugfix scripts are generally much simpler and easier to work with.

Dark Rain and Gnome: The new lobby GUIs were created by these folks.

Xon: Created the dlls that make everything possible.

Archdragon: Created the fantastic models for the Hydro Converters, and the Demon.

Teleportation Credits: I wanted to specially thank BlueWolf, Wotan, Ba, and TRO for brainstorming and testing out ideas for the Teleporters.

Previous Versions:

Devolution 6.0 Download

Don't download this version unless you need it to watch replays. There were a few bugs which were resolved in the 6.01 Hotfix.

Devolution 5.1 Download

Devolution 5.1 Change Log:

Maverick Mobility Cut (Turn Rate, Speed)
LLT/LGT Range Increase
Buster/Storm Range Decrease
Chain Reaction Explosion Removed from L1 Energy Units
Teleportation Beacon Price Cut
Defender, Pulverizer, Sentry, Stinger, Slasher, Jethro, Swatter, Seeker, Searcher, Pelican: Missiles Now Fire at Ground. Missile damage to ground significantly cut compared to OTA.
Jethro and Slasher Mobility Cut - Equal to Raider, Buster
Added Captain Boosts to Jethro and Slasher
Reverted Intimidator/Big Bertha Stats to UH Values. Corrected Intimidator wreckage values.
Increased Armored State Value for Intimidator, LLT, Immolator, Doomsday Machine to 4x.
Reduce Croc Speed (2.5 -> 2)
Improved Armor on L1 Gunships
Improved Armor on Weasel, Flea
Corrected Cyclone Corpse Values
Inferno Weapon Damage Cut (24 -> 20)
Storm Weapon Damage Increase (115 -> 120)
Cyclone Weapon Damage Increase (300 -> 315)
Reaper Weapon Damage Increase (12 -> 13)

New Intimidator Model and Script
New Maverick BP
Retextured Arm Gantry
Immolator Script Fixed
Cleaned up Animations for Crawler, Luger
New Storm Model, BP
Retextured Exploiter Model

Spies: Arm and Core spies now both detect other spies. Cloaking costs have been further reduced.
Further Optimized Detect Scripts

New Units:
Core Mobile Teleportation Beacon

Removed Units:
Core Detonator
Arm Stasis

Devolution 5.0 Download

Devolution 5.0 Change Log:

New Splashscreen
Unitlimit Lowered to 1000
Moved buildmenus to fill spots
Aircraft now Immune to Paralyzers
Large Ships Resistant to Paralyzers (1/3 effectiveness)
L2 Factories: Cost Bump (M, E, and BT) x1.25
Grey Menus: BP Slots for some units have greyed out options instead of empty slots (Command Beacons, L2 Factories)
Idle Anims: Peewee, Buster, Demon
Added Upgrade Nano-Animations
Mobile Radar/Jammers: Slight GUI fix, added attack for mobile radar so they will move with other units
AI: Because the AI cannot take advantage of Beacons, but still requires use of the D-gun, AI Commanders will have their D-gun active without the aid of the Command Beacon.
General LOS Improvement/Standardization- 360 for almost all units, 180 for almost all underwater units, 540 for all aircraft, many towers, larger ships, 50 for mines, 720 for Spies

Replaced Gate System with Beacon System
Upped Nanolathe Range (60->100)
No more infinite D-gun at L3
Restored Massive Commander Death
Improved D-Gun and Primary Weapons

Nova: 150% Armor Boost at first upgrade, 150% ROF at second upgrade, new model
Wraith: Damage Boost, Removed On/Off Button, New Model
Demon: Improved Damage, New Model/BP, Slightly Slower
Juggernaut: Texture Tweak, Major Damage Boost
Marauder/Maverick: Removed Marauder, Maverick is new fast attack Captain, with redone stats and new secondary weapon
Captain Health hidden to enemies
Captain Corpses now Reclaimable (still cannot be Resurrected)
Captain Gantries: Cost Bump 2000 M to 2750 M

Structure Changes:
Devastator: Damage Bump 350 (300)
Immolator: 80% Damage, Pop-up
Light Laser Tower: Pop-up, Improved Damage, Range, ROF
Light Gauss Tower: Improved Damage, Range
Viper/HGT: Small Range Boost, 10% Dmg Boost
Centurion: Damage Bump 375 (350)
Guardian: Small Texture Tweak, Improved AOE
Toaster: Tweaked Weapon Stats
Annihilator: Removed Armored State, Cannot Close, added 10 energy make/drain for Radar, added Shield, Cut Damage (3000->2500)
Bertha: Added Shield
Vulcan: Added Shield, New 128x128 BP
Silencer: New 128x128 BP
Exploiter: New BP, small model/script tweaks, energy consumption dropped to 3 (5)
Inferno: Small Texture Tweaks, New BP, small script tweaks
DDM: No more Open/Close Button, sped up Open/Close animation
Cut Dragon Eyes from All Menus Except Minelayer/Scavengers
Stunner: Removed Special Damages, Damage cut 3400 (5600)
Teleportation Beacons: GUI Tweak (No more mention of Gates), Script Tweak
Core Teleporter: Texture Tweak, new BP
Arm Fusion: Changed to temporary Shield
Standardized Energy Consumption on Mohos (15 E)- Lowering UW Mohos (50 E)

Mobile Unit Changes:
Level 1 Gunships: 25% Damage Cut
Peewee: Upgrade is 2x Armor instead of ROF/Armor Boost, Small Speed Cut 2.3 (2.4)
Warrior: Small damage cut 45 (50)
Storm: Shot Velocity Cut 300 (350)
Zipper: Small Model Tweak
Sniper: Lower Energy Per Shot 1000 (1500)
Stasis: Turned into a mobile unit
Detonator: Turned into a mobile unit
Parasite: Loses Radar Jamming Deactivation, Improved Spy Detection- Enemy Spies in LOS range show up on radar, Lower Decloak Radius
Infiltrator: Loses EMP Blast, Paralyzation Immunity, and Demolition Charge, Deactivates Nearby Enemy Defenses, Lower Decloak Radius, Higher Cloak Cost
Decoy Commanders: Uses new Commander system
Pillager: Metal Cost Bump 298 (251)
Sumo: 95% Dmg, 460 Range (500), Cleaned up Movementclass, Takes 1/3 Damage from Paralyzers
Goliath: 90% Dmg, Changed Upgraded Model, Upgrade is now 2x ROF instead of 2x Armor, Takes 1/3 Damage from Paralyzers
Fido: Back to Skirmisher Role instead of Artillery (Totally Different Weapon), Small Model Tweak, Upgrade is now 1.4x ROF, 1.4x Armor instead of 2x ROF, Speed Boost 2 (1.6)
Cyclone: Model Change, Major Damage Boost 300 (200)
Reaper: Small Model Tweak
Spider: Upgrade Model Tweak, Upgrade is now 2x Armor instead of Secondary Weapon, Speed Cut 2 (2.5)
Scavengers: Slight Speed Cut, Removed Nuclear/Neutron/EMP Mines, added Dragons Teeth, Dragons Eyes

Bug Fixes:
Fixed Jethro Weapon
Cleaned Up Sidedata.tdf- AI Fusion Building Fixed, Removed Nonexistant Units
Small fix to Teleporter Scripts

Unit Removals:
Removed Depth Charge Launcher/Underwater Torpedo Launcher
Removed Bob-Up Cannons
Removed Floating LRPCs
Removed Floating Targeting Facilities
Removed UW Dragon Eyes
Removed Nuclear/EMP/Neutron Mine
Removed Merl
Removed Marauder
Removed Harvester
Removed Albatross/Typhoon
Removed Moho Exploiter
Removed Dragonfly
Removed Metal Generator

Unit Additions:
Added Hydro Converters
Added Creep
Added Crawler
Added Titan/Lancet
Added Core Moho Metal Maker

Devolution 4.2 Download
The major addition in Devolution 4.2 was the addition of the Teleporters, and the removal of Captain-specific teleporters. Other than that, there were some interesting Spy tweaks, but mostly just small balance changes.

Devolution 4.1 Download
Devolution 4.1 was a small upgdate from 4.0, with some important balance changes and the inclusion of Captain teleporters, capable of bringing Captains back to the base from anywhere on the map, instantly. Also included was a one-time Commander teleport on the Galactic Gate.

Devolution 4.0 Download
Devolution 4.0 brought the biggest changes of any Devolution version (other than, arguably, 5.0). This was the first version to have Captains, as well as bringing in the new Galactic Gate system, removed in 5.0.

Devolution 3.0 Download
Devolution 3.0 had veterancy upgrades for all of the units that are now upgraded by Captains. It was an interesting experiment, but added little to game balance, as very few units would actually reach their upgrade level. This version also had an experimental version of Commander upgrades, with 4 different levels, starting with a Commander version weaker than what most players are used to. This was refined in later versions.

Devolution 2.0 Download
Devolution 2.0 was the first of any mod to have Commander upgrades, and these upgrades kicked in automatically for both sides at the 45 minute mark. This was during a time when I was resistant to using the Xon dlls, which are now relied heavily upon in most new mods, and are needed to achieve reliable veterancy upgrades.

Devolution 1.0 Download
Devolution 1.0 is really pretty boring - the idea for a stripped down version of TA originally came when I was introducing some new friends to the game - and they were turned off by the learning curve (too many units to figure out, when most of them aren't really that important). This version was all about cutting out unneeded units, but did not add much of interest back in.