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Devolution 6.1 Hotfix is Up! - 6-9-2013

Devolution 6.01 Download

REALLY fun games so far this weekend - and a few bugs were caught. Wanted to get this fix out as quick as possible to keep the games going!

Bug Fixes:
Removed energy and metal production from flying buildings.
Fixed bug in Core Command Beacon teleporting Commander in sideways.
Fixed bug where shield indicators were showing up to other players for Teleporter units.
Fixed bug where Creep was unable to load some units.

Balance Changes:
Slowed down flying building speed.
Increased energy costs, build time for Flying LGT, Metal Extractor.
Increased armor on Light Gunships.
Increased range on Command Beacons.
Decreased range on D-Gun.
Minor tweak to Zipper script.

Devolution 6.0 is up! - 6-8-2013

Devolution 6.0 Download
Devolution 6.01 Hotfix

HUGE changes for Devolution 6.0. Flying buildings. Shields on every Arm building. Cloaking for all of Core's buildings. Upgrade modules. Major boosts for Captains. The full changelog is below.

If you're looking for multiplayer games, try Gameranger. I'll be doing my best to get some matches in - my player ID is 317628.

Devolution 6.0 Change Log:

Major Changes:
Added personal shields to all Arm land structures.
Added cloaking to all Core land structures.
Removed proximity bonuses from Captains. Improved Captain weapons, lowered costs.
Added upgrade modules.

New Units:
Upgrade Modules.
Flying Metal Extractor.
Flying Light Gauss Tower.
Flying Guardian.
Flying Teleporter.

General Balance:
Increased armor, reduced metal cost for Command Beacons. Removed invulnerability shield when Commander is near.
Increased armor on Hornet and Thorn.
Increased armor on Flea, Weasel, Peewee, Instigator.
Lowered armor on Bear, Hulk, Turtle, Envoy.
Lowered speed on Turtle, Bear.
Lowered weapon damage on LLT, LGT.
Reduced weapon damage on Inferno.
Spies now detect Spies, Commanders, Decoy Commanders, Captains, and detect and deactivate all jamming units. LOS reduced.
Cheating AI buildings are now uncapturable.
Improved missile aiming scripts.
Improved missile ground damage by 20%.
Reduced armor on Roach.
Inferno Damage Modifier Changed from .1 to .25 to be consistent with other armored state units.
Viper Damage Modifier Changed from .3 to .25 to be consistent with other armored state units.

Captain Balance:
Removed proximity bonuses from Captains.
Reallowed Captain resurrection.
Significantly improved weapon damage on for all Captains.
Lowered Captain Gantry and Captain costs.
Removed shield ability from Maverick. Added chaingun as its level 3 upgrade.
Disabled Captain weapons if a player has two Arm or two Core Captains at the same time to prevent sharing exploits in multiplayer games.

Sea Balance:
Reduced armor, weapon damages on Scout Boats.
Reduced metal cost, weapon damages, armor on Gun Boats.
Reduced cost, armor on Escort Frigates. Removed missiles, swapped torpedo with weaker depth charge. Switched to models from Escalation.
Removed Ambassador / Eradicator.
Moved Turtle to Level 1 Vehicle Plant.
Removed amphibious movement class from Raider.

Cosmetic Changes:
New menu screen.
New loading screen.
New Nova model.
New models for Advanced Construction Ships.
Changed Teleporter models to original Galactic Gate models.
Changed Underwater Moho Metal Makers and Moho Mines to Escalation models.
New build picture for Mobile Teleporter.
Minor adjustments to Demon model. Improved walk script. New build picture.
Minor adjustments to Turtle model. Changed script to "deploy" after leaving factory.
Minor adjustments to Avalon model.
Changed Captain and Commander upgrade animations.
Standardized GUI for Spider, Neutron, Stunner.
Standardized GUI for Toaster and Intimidator.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed bug in Searcher aim speed.
Fixed bug with Mobile Teleporter teleporting units on a slope.
Corrected corpse model for Parasite.
Added missing special damages for all new units.
Added missing death scripts to Command Beacons.

Devolution 5.1 Posted - 4-13-2013

It's been a while! Though this was available on the forums a long time ago, I never officially posted version 5.1, so here it is:

Devolution 5.1 Download

The big changes are ground-firing anti-air missles and the addition of a mobile teleporter for Core.

TAUniverse was nice enough to bump up my bandwidth, so I have all the old versions available on the downloads page.

Devolution 5.1 Change Log:

Maverick Mobility Cut (Turn Rate, Speed)
LLT/LGT Range Increase
Buster/Storm Range Decrease
Chain Reaction Explosion Removed from L1 Energy Units
Teleportation Beacon Price Cut
Defender, Pulverizer, Sentry, Stinger, Slasher, Jethro, Swatter, Seeker, Searcher, Pelican: Missiles Now Fire at Ground. Missile damage to ground significantly cut compared to OTA.
Jethro and Slasher Mobility Cut - Equal to Raider, Buster
Added Captain Boosts to Jethro and Slasher
Reverted Intimidator/Big Bertha Stats to UH Values. Corrected Intimidator wreckage values.
Increased Armored State Value for Intimidator, LLT, Immolator, Doomsday Machine to 4x.
Reduce Croc Speed (2.5 -> 2)
Improved Armor on L1 Gunships
Improved Armor on Weasel, Flea
Corrected Cyclone Corpse Values
Inferno Weapon Damage Cut (24 -> 20)
Storm Weapon Damage Increase (115 -> 120)
Cyclone Weapon Damage Increase (300 -> 315)
Reaper Weapon Damage Increase (12 -> 13)

New Intimidator Model and Script
New Maverick BP
Retextured Arm Gantry
Immolator Script Fixed
Cleaned up Animations for Crawler, Luger
New Storm Model, BP
Retextured Exploiter Model

Spies: Arm and Core spies now both detect other spies. Cloaking costs have been further reduced.
Further Optimized Detect Scripts

New Units:
Core Mobile Teleportation Beacon

Removed Units:
Core Detonator
Arm Stasis

New Hosting - 2-2-2009

It looks like there is some trouble with FileUniverse, and so I rehosted Devolution 5.0 at ModDB. If you are hunting for a link to download Devolution 5, click here.

Devolution 5.0 is out! - 10-19-2008

Head over to the Download page to grab it and try it out. Pop into the Forum to comment, and challenge me (and others) on MSN (Boogalizer-at-hotmail-dot-com) to play the way Devolution is meant to be played- multiplayer. Also be sure to head to the Basics section if you haven't tried Devolution before, and want to know what its all about.

New Subdomain - 10-9-2008

Wotan, of TAWP and TA: Escalation fame, was kind enough to provide me temporary hosting on part of the Escalation website, and now the TAU admins have given me a Devolution subdomain!

So big thanks to everyone involved- especially Wotan and me22.

New Site Up - 10-5-2008

Just in time for the release of Devolution 5.0, it now has a home, hosted by the beneficent folks at TAUniverse. Be sure to check out the other sections, especially the Basics section if you haven't tried Devolution before. Huge thanks to all the TAU administrators who helped me put this up.